Sean Johnson's interiors bear the hallmarks of harmony, elegance, complexity and style that have always elevated certain individuals to the fore in the design world.

Work by his firm is widely recognized for its inspired elegance and classic attention to detail. In Sean Johnson's projects, one will find hand forged metal work, intricate faux bois finishes, custom blocked wall fabrics, and impeccably tailored bespoke upholstery. The work is rich in the interplay of texture and pattern, subtle in the nobility of its combinations of color, light, and form.

Sean Johnson oversees a staff of dedicated professionals who, together, bring a dynamic range of specialties to bear on every project. The camaraderie the team engenders to projects is driven by the personal rapport Johnson establishes with each of his clients.

Projects grow and develop following a dynamic interactive process through which desires and intuitions become experiences and realities. Sean Johnson's well established coterie of vendors and suppliers enter projects during their realization to insure the harmonious execution of each projects every detail.

Projects developed with Sean Johnson Interior Decoration show a singular sophistication, strength, clarity, and vitality. Johnson's transformation of his client's perception and emboldening of their sense of taste leave them with a profound appreciation of his and his firm's contributions.

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